Youth Empowerment

Mladiinfo defines youth empowerment as a way to provide tips and opportunities for youth to develop the competencies they need to become successful contributing members of their communities.
Please take a look at the projects Mladiinfo undertook within this category:

WB&T for EmploYouth
Youth Employment Initiative for Europe 2nd Edition
Youth Bank Hub for Western Balkan and Turkey
mYouth 2.0 - Mobile, Young, Opportunity, Unity, Technology, Help
mYouth - Mobile, Young, Opportunity, Unity, Technology, Help
Developing Local Youth Project Initiatives in Macedonia
Let's Play Handball – Sport Reporting Volunteering
EVS/ESC Building Bridges between MENA and Europe
Youth Banks Network Macedonia
EURO ASIA Volunteering Assistance Programme
Solidarity Youth in Times of Crisis and Natural Disasters - Europe for Citizens Town Twinning
Cease Cowering: Youth Empower Action Here (CC: YEAH)
European Voluntary Service - EVS
BOOM Programme