What We Do

Through providing youth information, Mladiinfo strives to help youth achieve their aspirations and promote their participation as active members of society. With selected media, Mladiinfo provides information in ways that enlarge the choices available to young people, and that promotes their autonomy and empowerment.

Mladiinfo defines youth empowerment as a way to provide tips and opportunities for youth to develop the competencies they need to become successful contributing members of their communities.

With the programs for social entrepreneurship, Mladiinfo International is striving to help young people, students, and young professionals to became future change makers, to develop their careers as social entrepreneurs and to build a better society for all.

We are committed to projects that encourage active lifestyles, advocate for nature conservation, and prioritize holistic wellness. Our overarching goal is to broaden opportunities for young people in urban and rural areas while simultaneously contributing to the enhancement of environmental quality, health, and overall well-being.

 Who We Are

Who We Are

Association for Education Mladiinfo International: By connecting three continents: Asia, Africa and Europe, Mladiinfo's impact-makers empower youth to become creators of positive changes. We inspire youngsters to boost their talents and potentials and we support them to grow into responsible citizens.
We believe in the power of education. We affirm the strength of unity. We build human capital.
Dedicated to youth, addressing their needs and challenges, we undertake numerous activities to engage youth in enhancing free education, youth empowerment, youth media and employability. We develop the capacities of youngsters, but also of youth CSOs, thus contributing to the creation of more resilient societies.

Mladiinfo is an initiative that helps young people fulfill their educational potential.

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