Training Course

Skopje, 30 May – 1 June 2024

The training in Circular Economy was held in Skopje, starting on 30th May with the arrival of all participants and an informal meeting of all groups.

The training was prepared based on the Assessment previously conducted by the kayak clubs with the support of the partner Greek organization. Hence, each Kayak Club invited an additional four representatives/participants from other national Kayak clubs, mapped in the previous project Green Kayak. Each partner organization was in charge of doing research and preparing a report with the necessary details on the local National green sports practices. This research was a good base for the Greek partner organization Incommon, to develop the Training curricula.

The topics that were elaborated on during the training workshop were about circular economy practices in Sports Clubs, presenting the matrix and assessment from the research, and sharing the experiences and knowledge from their rich portfolio as an eco-organization. The training was enriched with eco workshops in groups followed by presentations of the work done.

The conclusions from this Training in Circular economy will be an essential resource for future internal manuals and policy documents.