Kayak- Canoe Club “ Drim” from Struga is one of the oldest sport clubs in Republic of Macedonia. The club is founded in 1948 and has a long history and success behind it. The Kayak Club is a nongovernmental association that operates on the territory of Struga municipality. The main goals and tasks are the development and popularization of kayaking. The association is composed of members of the management board and members of the assembly, as well as other members (kayakers). All citizens of the municipality of Struga who voluntarily request to join the club have the right to become members.

From its foundation until today, it continuously participates in and wins state championships. Our club currently has 85 active kayakers and provides the largest number of members in the Macedonian national team who participate every year in domestic, European, and world competitions, where they achieve significant results. Three coaches, a sports doctor, and a physiotherapist are in charge of the competitors.

The club is located on the shore of Lake Ohrid and has its own premises-hangar, where equipment, kayaks, and oars are kept. Two changing rooms, men’s and women’s, and a toilet. It also has its own gym which is used during the winter preparatory period when the rowing conditions are not suitable for training. It also has an office where various meetings and presentations are held.