Green Kayak

When you go green in sport, you are growing. Volunteers from all generations in the fight against environmental pollution while kayaking. The project wants to increase the awareness of combining water sport and fight against nature pollution. In Partnership with European Canoe Association and other national Kayak/Canoe associations, we would like to organize a few actions in four partners countries Bulgaria, Croatia, North Macedonia and Serbia as well as a Final Green Kayak Cleaning Regatta around Ohrid lake and Drim river in North Macedonia.
Each year thousands of people are puddling on kayaks around Europe in the harbors, rivers, and lakes and collect more than 42 tons of trash. Think about how big a plastic bag is and how much it weighs, now imagine the pile of waste collected – it’s a waste-mountain!
We believe that green kayaking is an eye-opener for waste in the water and people become more cautious about handling plastics and other waste in their everyday lives. That’s why it’s so important to us to build a regional network and give as many people as possible a hands-on experience paddling for the lakes.
Together, we can make a difference! We are committed to engaging people, connect them across generations, and give them the feeling of being in the same boat, connected to a good cause. Waste in nature is an issue that concerns all of us and it’s our shared responsibility to protect our lakes.