Multiplier Event within SEYTN Project for Promotion of the Handbook: How to Manage Youth NGO

Yesterday in Skopje within the SEYTN project (Socially Empowered and Transparent Youth Network), funded by the Erasmus+ program Mladiinfo International as one of te project partners organized a multiplier event for promotion and presentation of the Handbook that was created as an output from this project titled as „How to Manage Youth NGO?„.

Together with +15 participants, youth workers from several local youth organizations and students we had fruitful discussion about the how Yuth NGO’s work, what are their challenges, but as well what is their impact on young people’s life.

The moderator of the event was Mila Karadafova Angelovska, CYA – KRIK and she shared her personal story of the beginnings how KRIK was established, how they maintain the organization in difficult and challenging times and as well the impact they have with their work. 

Two experienced youth workers were also invited to join the event as speakers and share their perspective on the topic of managing Youth NGO, Diana Micevska, from Young People Can and Mariana Angelova – General  Secretary General in NYCM.

In the first part of the event The Handbook: How to Manage Youth NGO?, was presented and its key content from each chapter that  will serve as a tool for any future young people who want to establish Youth NGO. It was pointed out that there is a huge need for these kinds of manuals and handbooks and that they will be very useful for upcoming generations of youth workers.

We’ve heard interesting stories, what is the essentials for establishing Youth NGO, how to be prepared for the challenges, what is needed to apply for grants for Erasmus+ projects, how the Erasmus+ programme is operating. Few tips were also shared on how to work with the target group and some tips practical advices from personal experience of the speakers.

We closed the event with Q&A session were the participants had time to ask questions and get inform more on how successfully these organization work, how to maintain the quality of te services and attract new users and beneficiaries.

Big thanks to all who took part and join this event!  If you are interested more on this topic, you can read the Handbook: How to Manage Youth NGO?, on the following link here: .