Mladiinfo part of the Life Beyond EU Funding Initiative

Mladiinfo is glad to share that is supporting Inter Alia Network and is one of the signatures of the campaign – Life beyond EU funding!
The aim of the project and the camapign is to have more sustainable and independent youth organizations, fair and transparent youth sector, vibrant and inclusive civil societies.

The network a partnership of over 60 civil society organisations across Europe, launched the pan-European campaign “Life beyond EU Funding: Imagining a Different Role for Youth Organisations in Europe” with one main aim – achieving a more sustainable environment for youth organisations across Europe.

Youth organisations are agents of change, not just service providers! This role is primarily earned through the efforts of the organisations themselves and their capacity to be resilient and faithful to their vision and mission. However, a more favourable environment, supportive of change and experimentation and, essentially, more forgiving to mistakes is also crucial.

​The campaign across Europe is promoting that operating funding to youth organisations needs to significantly increase. They request that operational funding reaches 5% of the overall Erasmus+ budget in the field of youth on a yearly basis. This can only be sustainable through a series of policy interventions in the system of allocation and the overall terms of operation of the youth sector on the EU level.

You can read more information on the official website: