All Opportunities Evaluation meeting in Skopje

Last week from 16-17 September we hosted and welcomed the partners from the All Opportunities project in Skopje for the final evaluation meeting in order to announce the closure of the project activities and celebrate the achievements!

The participants from Latvia, UK and North Macedonia emphasized the impact of the project and the opportunities the project gave to young people.

Main aim of the All Opportunities project was  to create interactive digital platforms with youth opportunities and local organization that has localized content for each of the participating countries.

Platforms that are created in each of the countries serves as a tool to inform young people about local, online, and worldwide opportunities that are available. On the other side, it will help organizations to reach more youngsters by presenting their organization’s profile and opportunities available.

During the two days meeting in Skopje the partners shared and discussed the outcomes of the project related to the platforms, its impacts, results, as well as followup activities and improvements of the features on the platform, as well the dissemination of the project.

All Opportunities Project is led by Visa Iespejas, Latvia in partnership with Mladiinfo International , North Macedonia and World Merit, UK.

This project is supported from European Commission’s “Erasmus+: Youth in Action” administered in Latvia by the Agency for International Programs for Youth.