Youth Employment Initiative for Europe 2nd Edition

The project Youth Employment Initiative for Europe 2 is consisting of one regional forum which took place in Greece as a sound edition of the project that has been implemented in 2013 in Macedonia with a partner from Bulgaria. The forum focused on different aspects of youth (un)employment in both countries.

This project aimed at contributing to improving their relations by focusing on solving a common issue that is youth unemployment. At the forum, the participants discussed the issues their country is facing in terms of youth unemployment and how this project can respond to their needs as well as how to collaborate further related to this topic.

During the forum, participants also discussed the discrepancy between the educational system and the labor market needs and also they will focus on self-employment as one possible solution to the problem. It is true that in countries with unstable economies people rarely have the courage to start up a business, even though they might have a good idea.

At the closing session, the voting upon the recommendations and good practices took place and the document afterward was delivered to the local and national governments of these two countries.