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If you recognize yourself and your organization within our mission and vision, this is your chance to emerge as a new member and establish a local Mladiinfo platform dedicated to aid young people in your community and nurture this community with new knowledge and open opportunities for capacity-development. Once our partnership is officially established, you are eligible to partner within the European network on various projects. The European Network of Educational Associations Mladiinfo offers two types of memberships: Full Membership and Affiliated Membership.

If you are interested in opening a Mladiinfo branch in your city, apply for a Full membership in the Mladiinfo Network.  Please note that if you would like to apply to become a full member, your organization will need to registered in Europe.Full membership will grant usage of the Mladiinfo brand, access to the network services free of charge, participation in all activities, be actively included in the strategic development priorities and have equal representation in the annual sessions of the General Assembly. To begin with, please fill out thisquestionnaire for assessment of the minimum membershiprequirements.

If you already have an organization and you are interested to join our network with your own brand, you can apply for Affiliated Membership in the Mladiinfo Network. Affiliated Organizations within the Mladiinfo Network will have access to Network services free of charge and can propose young people to participate in all Network activities. They may be represented in the annual sessions of the General Assembly as observersEligible applicants are all worldwide organizations working in the field of youth, who strongly believe in the power of non-formal educationand recognize our vision and mission as their own. If interested, please fill out this questionnaire.

Our Board will timely provide you detailed guidelines for further steps on how to finalize the Full and Affiliated membership process.

Please note that each application will be in details checked first by Mladiinfo Executive Office and then, Mladiinfo Executive Board and President. Should we believe your organization is a perfect match for Mladiinfo Network, we will invite you on an online interview to discuss in details the possibility for cooperation. If you have not established your organization yet and you would like to register it as Mladiinfo branded organization, please do not hesitate to state that in the application form so we can provide you further support about the development of your founding documents in accordance with Mladiinfo’s Statute, vision, mission and goals.