YiA Training Course “Portraying my Europe”

From the 1st to 7th of June 2012 Mladiinfo organized the Training Course “Portraying My Europe” which was held in Kavadarci, Macedonia. During the training course, more than 30 young journalists and media enthusiasts coming from 12 different countries (Estonia, Latvia, Belgium, Turkey, Georgia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Germany and Macedonia) learned how to report about specific topics using the new and social media and the various ways they can be used for disseminating information and ideas. One of the most important aspects of the training course was teaching them how to operate with multimedia tools and how to report about youth employability and the problems that young people face entering in the labor market. The project, initiated by Mladiinfo was supported by the European commission through the EU program Youth in Action.

The training was held by two professional trainers and experts in their field: Letizia Gambini from the European Youth Press expert in new media communication and Angelo Gonzalez expert in video editing. Besides the theoretical part of the training, the participants had the opportunity to work on five different topics related to youth unemployment in Macedonia, keep in touch with local population and made by themselves, with the support of the trainers, two short documentaries and three articles about the situation of youth unemployment in the small city of Kavadarci. During the visit to the Tikveš Winery all of them had also the opportunity to try traditional Macedonian food and taste Macedonian wine.

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