Why We Do It

Our main goals

  • To raise awareness amongst young people from the world about available educational opportunities and how these can be accessed to enable them to be fully integrated into the society;
  • To improve young people’s key skills to empower them to apply for different educational programs, training courses, conferences, internships and to improve their entrepreneurship, employability and provide information that helps people become more employable.To provide the space for the young people where they could prepare for the active role in the society.

Mladiinfo International addresses these problems with the series of workshops, training’s, events and campaigns, through which has directly contributed improving communication skills together with the digital competence of more than 1,500 young individuals.

Also, Mladiinfo platform offers the space for youth to express their opinions through their articles in English and has helped them improve their communication skills and build up their self-confidence and self-expression.

Moreover, Mladiinfo International actively promotes volunteering – by hosting and sending volunteers we are contributing to the society not only by spreading ideas of tolerance and positive thinking among youth but also by showing them the example that not all the processes in the society are solely financially driven.