Web Content Development Workshop in Krakow

The project Celebrating Solidarity aims to explore and promote solidarity as a crucial topic within 6 European countries. The participating organizations in the project are coming from Albania, Bulgaria, FYROM, Hungary, Poland and Serbia. As output from the project, partners have agreed in creating/ documenting stories about solidarity from their societies and presenting them in an online Museum of Solidarity.

The Web Content Development workshop as part of the project took place in Krakow, Poland on 24 March 2017. The workshop was organized by the two partners with the most experience in creating digital storytelling material (DemNet from Hungary and Input Output from Poland).

Just before the workshop started the representatives met on the famous Bohaterów ghetto square and were told the story of The Eagle Pharmacy, one of the best examples of solidarity (alongside Oscar Schindler’s factory) in the recent history of Krakow. At the start of the workshop the participants were discussing the material that was collected in their countries and presented the stories they gathered to one another. Certain patterns were recognized among the stories, which boosted the participants to discuss the connections between their societies. It was seen that there is a rise in solidarity among youth, especially in gathering and providing food for the homeless and the extremely poor citizens. Another interesting pattern among youth was also the need to help migrants, arriving in their countries due to the ongoing crisis in Middle East.

After the initial presentation of the material, the participants were familiarized with the types of material they could gather in order to enhance the experience of the visitors of Museum of Solidarity. All the participants were introduced to the quality standards of good material and different formats they could provide. In this session the participants discussed how they can acquire such materials and which public institutions (museums, archives, libraries) as well as alternative sources (open source archives, creative commons materials), they should consult in achieving the goal of providing good quality material to further illustrate their stories.

In the final session of the workshop, the participants were introduced to the design concept of the future Museum of Solidarity as well as how the material from the museum can be used in promoting the project in the media and on social networks. After this session, partners had some time to discuss their plans for organizing festivals in their countries and update each other on the timeline of the project in each of the countries. During this session the partners shared positive experiences from their home countries and helped each other to understand some of the techniques for successful organization of the festivals of solidarity.

The project Celebrating Solidarity is implemented with the support of Europe for Citizens programme of the European Union.

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