During the last week (5-9 December) our team had the opportunity to be part of the study visit in Kenya,
as part of the project YES, We Care: Youth Empowerment through Social entrepreneurship.
The representatives from our organization, Social Impact LabMladiinfo SlovenskoSocial Impact Award
and our hosting organization Youth Volunteers for Community Development had the opportunity to
work on the filed and map the eco system for social entrepreneurship. Here we offer you a sneak pick
into our journey! The list of players and enterprise we met is even bigger.
For more information, visit the website:

Mettā Nairobi is an entrepreneurs club that connects people, ideas and resources, bringing the
global startup ecosystem closer together.

Engineers Without Borders Canada invests in leaders and innovations to create a world free from
poverty and inequitable development: a world of dignity and equal opportunity where everyone
is able to realize their full potential. “We are leading a movement with thousands of passionate
members in Canada, as well as staff and volunteers in Canada and in our African partner countries.”

The Amani Institute mission is to develop next-generation talent by creating a new model for
higher education that retains the current strengths of universities while also offering students
opportunities to get an intensive experience of cross-boundary work, develop practical skills to
build their professional toolkit, and understand the personal journey this work requires in order
to be effective and sustainable as an individual over time.

Masai Kijana is a social enterprise that transforms old flip flops into art. They create multi-level
impact: employment of people from the slams, reusing old plastic flip flops, creating a system
of zero waste…

Youth Empowerment center is a center supported by the Government of Kenya. Its aim is to
develop the potential of young people, but also to provide small seed funding.

The Universities are one of the crucial player in the eco system in Kenya. It was a great pleasure
that we had the opportunity to discuss the development of the social entrepreneurship in
East Africa with the professor from the Africa Nazarene University.

Meet Violet Mbity, one of the stars on the social entrepreneurial scene in Kenya. She runs her
social business that help local people to build cook stoves for their households that will spare
energy and will reduce the pollution of the air (Cook stoves project). With that influence on the
reduction of the tree cutting in Kenya. Violet also runs Vijana Network International Limited and
Violet Mbiti Foundation. The brand of the both organizations in Youth Projects Kenya.

Safisan crew works in the field of waste management.

The British Council in Nairobi is also one of the key players in the social entrepreneurial eco system.

The Kijiji is home to a growing community of individuals and organizations who are creating a
better Kenya and beyond. They provide people with a space to work, peer-to-peer interaction,
business services and learning through programmes and events.

Novel arch enterprise Thika is a organization that provides local community with training for
business development.

Seller on the streets of Nairobi.