Social Innovation Voyage in Tunisia – SOLID Project

The Social Innovation Voyage within the SOLID project took place in Tunis, Tunisia from 6 -10 November 2019. 12 representatives, from N.Macedonia, Austria, Jordan, Romania, Turkey, and Tunisia had the chance to visit the local Tunisian startup accelerators and startup labs that are providing support and materials to young entrepreneurs.

On the first day of the visit, the representatives visited the City of Culture in the center of Tunis where the Tunisian Innovation Startup Lab was located. An interesting part of the visit was meeting young innovators that are developing an app that will make studying national history more interesting for kids. The next stop for the day was “Le 15”, a building in the heart of Tunis dedicated for startups, with special rooms and floors for meetings, co-working, working in quiet space and brainstorming. Also, there is a gallery where young artists are supported to display their work. The last stop for the first day was “MINNASA”, the first cultural and creative incubator in Tunis, open just two weeks before our visit. “MINNASA” is located in the Old Medina of Tunis and the purpose of this organization is to help cultural entrepreneurs launch their projects. Their main focus is preserving the culture of Tunisia.

The second day of the visit was dedicated for the “Redstart”. Redstart Tunisia is the newborn of the Tunisian entrepreneurial ecosystem. The company is aiming to contribute to strengthening the Tunisian SMEs and startups with high potential and they provide entrepreneurs with individual, tailor-made, variable support for their needs. After that, we visited “Startup House”, another startup lab offering co-working space and helping young entrepreneurs with their ideas. We spent the rest of the day in “COG1TE”,  a co-working space focusing on helping young innovators get along with their ideas, and making them realize what works and what doesn’t. They also make meetings with influencers and representatives for big companies where the young innovators can sell their idea on the market.

Last but not least, we had the chance to visit the EL SPACE working space and their laboratory which offers space and technical support such as 3D printing machines. The young innovators can use space and create their own materials. There are also technicians that can help with the machines. The EL SPACE offices have a great co-working atmosphere where new ideas are born.

During our stay in Tunis, we also got to know the Tunisian food and culture thanks to our hosts, and we had the chance to explore the beautiful capital of Tunis.


Author: Marija Pandeva