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If you recognize yourself and your organization within our mission and vision, this is your chance to emerge as a new member and establish a local Mladiinfo platform dedicated to aid young people in your community and nurture this community with new knowledge and open opportunities for capacity-development. Once our partnership is officially established, you are eligible to partner within the European network on various projects. The European Network of Educational Associations Mladiinfo offers two types of memberships: Full Membership and Affiliated Membership.If you are interested in opening a Mladiinfo branch in your city, apply for a Full membership and receive our guidelines and minimum requirements to proceed to the next steps. If you already have an organization and you are interested to join our network with your own brand, check the requirements below and apply for Affiliated Membership:

    1. Are able to commit to the mission and vision of Mladiinfo;
    2. Work with young people on national and local level;
    3. Have the capacity to carry out intercultural & transnational activities.

Affiliated Organizations within the Mladiinfo Network will have access to Network services free of charge, and can propose young people to participate in all the activities organized by the Network. They may be represented in the annual sessions of the General Assembly as observers. Eligible countries: EU member states countries, EFTA countries (Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein), countries of South-East Europe and Turkey