“GOALS” Training course in Slovakia

On 26-30 August Mladiinfo Dolny Kubin hosted 15 participants (experienced coordinators, ex-volunteers) from Georgia, Turkey, Italy, Spain to brush up their knowledge about volunteering management.

Day 1. We tried to build a strong team spirit among the participants through different warm-up games and at the city hall they got introduced to the history of the city and how volunteering is impacting the local community so well.

Day 2. Participants showcased their interview skills in the on-the-spot situation, figured out the best effective methods to interview young people for international projects. Also, each team presented the activities of their organisations and how they deal with volunteering on the national and international level. At the end of the day, participants also practised skills about Slovakia during the quiz.

Day.3. We visited a local cultural centre where the coordinator inspired us with his story of starting it and surprised us with the abundance of so many activities. Later on, the participant had a coaching session with our coach to understand if it might be problem-solving for volunteers.

Day.4. Two former volunteers of Mladiinfo who finished their projects in Armenia and Turkey, came to tell how it was out there, inspire us and give us tips about living abroad.  One of the participants enlightens us with the secrets of mentoring and shared his own example of mentoring with our Russian volunteer, Tanya Kuzmina. At the end, we went hiking in the mountains to explore the beauty of Slovak nature.

Day.5. It was the last day, the guest from Slovak National Agency elaborated about the European Solidarity Corps and opportunities we have to volunteer in any European country.

Check the photo album here. 

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Text and photos: Mladiinfo Slovensko (Dolny Kubin).