New models and activities for young people are needed

New models, projects, and activities that will foster youth inclusion were discussed at the round table “Youth inclusion in Macedonia seen through the indicators for youth participation” organized on  22nd of December at the EU Info Center. 

On the round table that was organized as part of the project “Youth bank Hub for the Western Balkan and Turkey”, the director of the Agency of Youth and Sport, the representatives of the  State Statistical office and the representatives from the civil society sector had a joint conclusion – more active agenda for youth participation is needed.  Moving toward this desired situation, we need new models and project for fostering youth inclusion.

“The model of the youth banks is actually a hub where young people can find all the information they need. Young people can get knowledge, skills, potential partners and funding for every emerging need they might have.” – stated the national project coordinator Marija Matovska, while presenting the model and the project that Mladiinfo conducts in the period 2016 – 2019. 

Darko Kaevski, the Director of the Agency for Youth and Sport in his speech announced that in 2018 the Agency will implement many new programs and project that will empower young people. Bigger accent will be given on the rural areas and smaller cities and the ultimate aim of the program is to motivate young people to stay in the country. 

The experts debated that the youth unemployment rate, especially among the vulnerable categories of young people is still a concerning factor, but the situation is changing from day to day. It was also discussed that young people should also engage themselves more in the processes that affect them directly, to be more active and to use the opportunities and possibilities that are out there already.

The informative debate was organized into two parts:

In the first part, the focus was given to the economic, political and social inclusion of the youth. In all 3 different areas, new researchers were presented by Zoran Ileski, president of Coalition Sega, Ajrija Chaushoska, representative of the State Statistical office and Nikola Petrovski, coordinator for membership and communication within the National Youth Council of Macedonia.

The second part of the event was dedicated on an in-depth elaboration of the index for youth inclusion and presentation of the open call for grants and training support- strengthening capacities of the CSOs advocating for youth participation.

The whole event was enriched by the presence of Zheljko Paunovik and Dzenan Sharic, “Mosaic Foundation” from Bosnia and Herzegovina that were visiting Macedonia for the purpose of establishing the Macedonian network of Youth Banks, supported by the USAID’s civic engagement project. Zheljko and Dzenan presented the Bosnian experiences with the Youth Banks Model as one of the best successful stories from the region.

The project “Youth Banks Hub for the Western Balkan and Turkey”  is supported by the European Commission and implemented by Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation (Serbia), Prima Association (Montenegro), Center for Change and Conflict Management (Albania), Community Volunteers Foundation (Turkey) and Mladiinfo International (Macedonia).