Further expectations of the members for the work of the Youth Banks Model in 2019

Part of the common challenges that young people face in Macedonia are youth employment and youth inclusion!

More than 70 meetings were implemented with representatives of municipalities, NGOs, as well as with institutions working with youth on a national level.

We have made great steps forward and already in 2019 we hope that the youth banks will start working in 5 municipalities in Macedonia, and in a short period of time to expand in many other.

So far, 2 capacity building activities for the creation of youth banks in Macedonia have been held,  in which the participants shared their further expectations from the Network and what the exact model of the youth banks will mean for their organizations.

Participants from the  Capacity Building activities of the Network shared their opinions:

“I hope that in 2019 through this model of youth banks, young people will recognize the opportunities and will join directly in the local community development. Youth are the driving force of society. We are motivated, we have the means and opportunities, and it is more than enough to create a platform through this model for mutual cooperation and communication and build better community and future “- Petar Veljanovski, Municipality of Novaci

“I think that this project and the model of youth banks is a great opportunity for young people from Gostivar to be active in their community, as well as to get involved in the decision making processes. I hope that in 2019, the municipality will support and motivate young people through this model to take part and actively contribute to a better community. “- Lokman Musliu, Youth Empowerment Platform, Gostivar

“The model of youth banks will encourage young people to make their own decisions in order to solve their problems and the problems of the entire municipality. The model itself enables the growth of young people and encourages them to emphasize their ideas, and even engage in youth projects in the municipality. The greater the number of active young people, the greater the success of one municipality. For every problem, there is a solution, and the youth banks model offers a solution about it. “- Hristina Naumovska, Inova Lab, Bitola

“Incorporating the model of youth banks in the annual youth programs in the municipalities and successful implementation of the model in Pelagonia and other regions in Macedonia. Successful cooperation with the municipality and the business sector for a realization of the ideas of the youth in the municipality. “- Maja Stevanovska, Youth Council, Prilep

“Developed Network of Youth Banks – Macedonia which stimulates young people to take an active part in the society, with different actions as well as involvement in the decision making processes that will contribute in resolving their problems and needs.” – Nikolche Papuchoski, Krivogashtani municipality

With the assistance of this model, we want to place the youth in the center: they will not only gain employability skills and the most important- life experience, but they will have the power to decide on their own! We want to introduce an innovative model that will encourage youth employment in Macedonia.

We hope that this successful story that creates a new value for a significant improvement in the lives of young people will be fully and successfully introduced and implemented in Macedonia.

The project Youth Bank Network – Macedonia is supported by USAID’s Civic Engagement Project-Macedonia.

Author: Sanja Cvetkovikj