EVS Large: Let’s Play Handball – Sport Reporting Volunteering

2015 is the year when Macedonia is the host of the 17th European Women’s Youth Handball Championship. Eager to tackle the challenges: the lack of interest among young people in sports and lack of professional training for young people during their studies, Mladiinfo International is organizing the project “Let’s Play Handball – Sport Reporting Volunteering”. This is why we invite 30 young journalist students from 15 European countries to participate in a Large-Scale European Voluntary Service. As volunteers, the young journalists will cover the happenings at the international sports event to be hosted in Macedonia: the 17th European Women’s Youth Handball Championship. The participants will spend 40 days in Macedonia to get more deeply into sports journalism and multimedia and produce articles and other multimedia contents that will document the course of the Championship and will be published on a website which will be run by the participants. We strongly believe that the participating volunteers through this project will:

improve their journalistic skills;

enhance their employability and improve career prospects;

increase their self-empowerment and self-esteem;

enhance intercultural awareness;

actively participate in society;

get better awareness of the European project and the EU values.

Before the start of the Championship, Mladiinfo will organize training for the selected volunteers for mastering their roles as sports journalists in the event. The selected participants are going to participate in the complementary activities which are planned to begin 3 weeks before the Championship itself. During these days of meetings and workshops, the participants will get in-depth knowledge of the sport journalism techniques necessary to accomplish their tasks and create a valuable content, as well as they will develop better group dynamics needed for effective working in teams. The training are going to take part in the beautiful city of Struga, whereas the Championship is organized in the Macedonian capital

Facebook page for the project                           Official web-page of the project

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