EUROASIA: Training Course on Volunteering Management in Slovakia

After conducting 3 study visits in Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam) the EUROASIA Volunteering assistance program continued in Europe, with the Training of the Volunteering Management that was held in the beautiful Slovakia from 03rd – 10th of September in Oščadnica.

This training was dedicated to prepare both the sending and hosting organization when implementing the other part of the project and how to manage the volunteering process.


The training gathered experienced youth workers from each of the partner organization and the participants worked on several topics such as:

Preparing the volunteers with pre-departure training (sending organizations) and training upon arrival (hosting organizations), security management, set up the tasks for the volunteers, mentoring, who to follow up the progress, conflict management, give the support to the volunteers, etc.

This training also brought new methods and capacities to identify the needs, to prevent the risks and to develop further projects in the frame of the EVS, European Aid Volunteer Program or EU Solidarity Corps.

Photo Credits: Mladiinfo Slovensko