Celebrating Solidarity Within Our Societies

EU Member states (Hungary, Bulgaria and Poland) and 3 Balkans countries (Serbia, Macedonia and Albania), all with long and turbulent history of facing crisis, both man-made (political, social, armed conflicts, etc.), as well as the natural disasters (such as earthquakes, floods, etc.), spread hands towards each other to create a project that will explore, stimulate debate and advance solidarity as a crucial topic within European societies.

Supported by the Europe for Citizens program, the project Celebrating Solidarity, in a period of 12 months (1st of October 2016 – 30th of September 2017), will directly involve over 9,000 individuals, both young and elderly, volunteers and professionals, in exploring the issue of solidarity, channels and mechanisms of European solidarity, as well as responsibility and common solutions. Understanding the importance of this project’s mission, through innovative web-based approach, all partners will promote societal engagement and volunteering to a large number of citizens, reaching over 500,000 individuals across Europe.

Partners already kick-start the project with preparatory workshop in Belgrade at the beginning of October. During this meeting participants analyzed necessary activities, timeline of the project and approach to already discussed cooperation. The workshop was also welcomed in order to make sure that everything is in order for the upcoming three month online quiz, as well as each debate/focus group that will take place in each partners’ country, and will explore the attitude towards solidarity. Parallel with this process, all partners will closely work with Input Output Foundation from Poland, prepare their visits and recording of examples of solidarity from elderly people who will share their interesting stories on solidarity in times of crises. In each country at least 3 audio and 2 video recording will be created and uploaded on the project web site.

After these steps are taken, during 2017 the project will experience another set of interesting events – web content development workshop in Krakow, promotion of online museum of solidarity in Budapest and Festivals of Solidarity in Belgrade, Sofia, Skopje and Tirana. The project will be wrapped-up in September 2017, where and international conference will take place, bearing the name “Solidarity in times of crisis”.

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